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Kids Only card – Frequently Asked Questions

Download the PDF version of Frequently Asked Questions [PDF 210KB]

Card aims

Q. What is the aim of the Kids Only card?

A. To put a library card in the hand of as many children aged 0-8 years as possible in areas serviced by RLQ networks and encourage them to visit their RLQ library.

Q. Will the Kids Only card replace the existing cards for RLQ libraries?

A. If children are already registered as members of an RLQ library, they can choose to change their card for this new one with the Green Sheep illustration. Library staff can simply change the card number in Aurora LMS from the existing member number to the barcode number on the new membership card issued to the library member. If you choose to use the Green Sheep branded membership form, members are asked to tick the "Existing member, but would like a Kids Only card" box on the membership form and insert their current library card number.

Q. Is this the first step in a state-wide Library Management System?

A. No. The card is designed to help RLQ libraries increase the number of children they have as members, and enhance the visits to and loans from the RLQ libraries.

Q. Does this card mean that loans and members will be 'lost' by the local RLQ library and counted as members and loans of State Library?

A. Absolutely not. The aim is to increase membership of individual RLQ libraries and enhance the visits to and loans from the RLQ libraries. When new membership cards are issued by the RLQ library, the member is recorded as a member of the RLQ library, not State Library of Queensland. Similarly, when items are loaned by holders of the Green Sheep cards, the loans are recorded as loans from the RLQ library in question.

Q. Can I choose not to participate in the campaign?

A. Yes, of course. Participation is voluntary, and State Library will remain committed to working with your RLQ library on local initiatives to improve membership wherever possible. RLQ libraries are able to continue to use their existing membership cards, or the standard RLQ membership card as they choose.

Card management

Q. How can I encourage my community to support the campaign?

A. State Library encourages libraries to work with their community and form partnerships with community organisations to increase membership of their library. You might choose to distribute membership forms through schools and child care centres. You might choose to promote the Kids Only card as part of your early literacy programming. New library members would be asked to visit their local library to activate their Kids Only card.

Q. Can I use my own membership form, or do I have to use State Library’s Green Sheep membership form?

A. You can choose to use either your own membership form or State Library’s Green Sheep membership form.

Q. Can I get some Kids Only cards for distribution from my RLQ library?

A. Yes. State Library will post cards to you at your request. Contact Public Library Development.

Q. Are there plans to extend the ages to also include older children in the campaign?

A. There are no plans at the moment, although if older children are interested in using the Kids Only card, you can replace their existing card with the Green Sheep branded card.

More information

Q. Where can I find out more information?

A. If you would like to share your Kids Only card success or have further queries about the campaign, email Public Library Development.

Last updated
27th March 2017