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RLQ and IKC collection service offer

Physical Collections

Core Collection

Each Council receives 1.5 physical collection items per resident. However, as a minimum, each Council will receive 1,000 items, regardless of population, which usually includes




Adult fiction

Writing created from the imagination – for adults

400 (40%)

Adult non-fiction

Writing based on fact – for adults

220 (22%)


Includes feature films, television series and documentaries for adults and children

100 (10%)

Junior fiction

Writing created from the imagination –

for children

60 (6%)

Junior non-fiction

Writing based on fact – for children

30  (3%)

Large type

Items are provided for clients with a visual disability, but are available for use by all clients;

Predominately adult fiction, with a small number of non-fiction items

60 (6%)

Picture books

Stories told using text and pictures suitable for ages 0-10 years

100 (10%)

Beginner readers

Popular beginner reader titles and series which are appropriate for a children starting or learning to read

10 (1%)

Young adult fiction

Contemporary reading for teenagers, including popular television tie-ins and teenage fiction series

20 (2%)



Branch libraries will also receive a minimum collection of 1,000 physical items, regardless of population in the Council area. In some circumstances (where the Council or IKC cannot accommodate 1,000 items) the collection items per resident will be negotiated with the library or IKC.

The allocation of collections ia based on the makeup of current collections and usage patterns in libraries. These allocations also inform State Library’s expenditure for new books.

Additional Collections

New books purchased by State Library are regularly supplied to all RLQ libraries and IKCs.

After all reservations are actioned the new books are distributed to RLQ libraries and IKCs on a pro-rata basis determined by the size of their physical collection.  New books are usually despatched at the time of receipt, but may be included with collection exchanges.

A library/IKC may request a collection item from another library/IKC on behalf of a client. The requesting library/IKC retains the item and may lend it until requested by another library/IKC.

A Library Service with multiple branches can also implement a regular exchange of stock between the branches to ensure collections remain current and clients have continued access to a variety of resources.

Collection Exchanges

To keep collections current and appealing, portions of RLQ and IKC collections are exchanged a maximum three times per year, refreshing the collection with material from State Library’s facility at Cannon Hill. The quantity of  items in exchanges is dependent on collection usage, loans from other libraries and new books received since the previous exchange. The titles included in collection exchanges are developed in consultation with libraries and IKCs to meet the needs of their communities.

When scheduled to receive an exchange, libraries and IKCs also select items to return to State Library, providing an opportunity to remove damaged, low use and outdated items and maintain their collection allocation.

2019 Exchange Calendar

Exchange request form

Exchange return checklist

Statewide Collections

Statewide collections are acquired for all Queensland public libraries and IKCs providing access to specialised content. This content is selected, acquired, managed and distributed centrally by State Library to deliver a cost effective and efficient statewide service and meet the specific needs of communities. Libraries and IKCs are responsible for requesting statewide collections.

Current statewide physical collections:

Languages other than English (LOTE)

70,000+ items in more than 50 languages. Each collection includes fiction and non-fiction for adults and young people. Formats such as large print books, audio books, DVDs and music CDs are purchased in some languages depending on publishers’ ability to supply.

Storytelling resources

This collection includes oversize picture books, kits of books on a theme, and activity-based props such as puppets, soft toys, felt boards and pieces and percussion instruments.

Book club sets

Each book club set consists of ten (10) copies of the same title. Titles chosen reflect a diverse range of reading tastes and contemporary reading trends

Series in a box

Complete sets of popular adult and junior fiction series in boxed sets.



Adult literacy resources

Resources for improving literacy and learning English as a second language

Adult literacy
– Request adult literacy materials.

Languages other than English (LOTE) – Request community language materials.

Audiobooks (Talking Books) – Request audiobook materials.

Storytelling Kits – Request storytelling kits.

Technology resources

State Library offers the loan of technology kits to Qld libraries, in support of digitally literate and future-ready communities. We have a range of kits available to RLQ libraries, which can be reserved via the library management system or online catalogue. We also have a small range of resources available state-wide, subject to availability, with bookings negotiated on a case by case basis.

RLQ Technology resources

Code-a-pillar Kit

The robotic caterpillar which teaches coding!
Contents: 1 complete code-a-pillar per kit.

Codeybot Kit

Codeybot is a wedge-shaped codeable robot from STEM innovators.
Contents: 2 Codeybots

Edison Kit

An Australian designed robot which is Lego compatible.
Contents: 10 Edison robots, 10 EdCreate packs.

EZ-Robot Kit

The EZ-Robot loan kit comprises three robots, 2 x Revolution JD Humanoid robots and 1 x Revolution Six Hexapod robot.

Gadget Kit

The Gadget kit consists of portable items currently available commercially in Australia. Each item introduces the user to new technology interfaces.
Contents: Leap Motion, Neurosky Mindwave Mobile,Fitbit

Google Expeditions Kit

Bring the world to life in VR with this kit of 10 VR headsets, complete with VR optimised phones, tutor tablet and router.

iHealth Kit

The iHealth kit contains a suite of four health devices to provide information to the iHealth app on a mobile device. Contents: Wireless body analysis scale, Wireless pulse oximeter, Wireless blood pressure monitor, Wireless smart gluco-monitoring system

Kano Complete Computer Kit

Kano kits let you build your own mini-computer from scratch.
Contents: 5 Kano complete kits.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Kit

The Ultimate Lego robotics experience
Contents: 4 x Lego EV3 starter pack.

LittleBits droid inventor kit

Little Bits Droid Inventor Kits combines the innovation and learning potential of the Little Bits platform, with the magic of Star Wars. Contents: 5 Little Bits droid inventor kits.

Makeblock Kit

The Makeblock kit consists of multiple build-it-yourself robots.   
mBot can be connected to a tablet or computer for use; no devices for interacting with mBot are included with this kit.

Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit

The Neuron Inventor Kit offers the chance to build a range of electronic projects teaching concepts of power switching, motion, conductivity, interfacing with an app for coding.

Maker Kit

The Maker kit consists of portable items commonly used in makerspaces.
Contents: 3Doodler pen, Makey Makey, Raspberry Pi, SparkFun Inventor's Kit

Ozobot 2.0 kit

Ozobot Bit 2.0 can follow lines and colour on paper and on select iOS and Android devices. Designed to teach coding, block-based programming language, robotic behaviour and deductive reasoning to school age children. Contents: 4 Ozobots.

Skoog Kit

The Skoog music kit contains two Skoog 2.0 tactile music interfaces - foam cubes that act as wireless controllers for the Skoogmusic apps.

Sphero Kits

The Sphero kit contains eight Sphero SPRK+ robots These spherical robots are extremely tough and can be driven over almost any surface.

Statewide Technology resources*

HTC Vive

Bring a multitude of Virtual reality environments to life with the HTC Vive, the ultimate VR experience.
Contents: Complete Vive package and gaming laptop.

360 Camera Kits

Shoot your world in 360, in the form of spherical still photos or live action video. Kits available feature either the Nikon Keymission 360 or Samsung Gear 360 cameras, and accessories. Contents: 5 cameras per kit, plus accessories.

*Completion of individual loan agreements are a requirement of loan of the statewide technology resources. These will be supplied and negotiated at time of loan.

For further details on technology resources, visit our Kits for Loan page.

To request statewide technology resources, please contact:, or phone State Library on 1800 017 114


State Library liaises with Queensland public libraries to evaluate eresources for use in public libraries and IKCs. State Library negotiates a price for access by all Queensland public libraries and IKCs, as well as State Library members.

Current eresources available to all Queensland public libraries and IKCs, and State Library members:

Ancestry Library Edition

Family history and genealogy resource

Includes census, immigration and military records, historical maps and family histories

Use is limited to onsite access only for all libraries

Online learning platform offering over 4,500 courses and updated weekly

Courses focus in the areas of business, software, technology and creative skills


Video streaming of films and documentaries

Focus on high quality content, and includes some foreign language material. Also has content suitable for children

There are also eresources evaluated specifically for use in public libraries and made accessible to RLQ libraries and IKCs. Current eresources available to RLQ libraries and IKC members:


Downloadable music service with access to Sony Music’s catalogue of artists.

RBdigital eMagazines

160+ magazines for free download.


Unabridged eaudiobook titles available for download of up to 10 titles for 21 days

Bolinda digital eAudiobooks

Downloadable audio books. Access to up to 4 titles every 14 days


Downloadable ebooks with access to up to 4 titles every 14 days

Story Box Library

Narrated ebooks for children with interactive storytelling features and activity sheets

Collection Support Services

RLQ/IKC catalogue (Aurora)

Technical support is provided by State Library’s Digital Library Initiatives team. This includes resolution of technical issues (where a function or feature is not working the way it is expected to), downtime communications, and issues with new features or changes in the system.

Contact: Vicki Bates Lead, Digital Library Initiatives dli@slq.qld.govau

Catalogue record support is provided by State Library’s Metadata Services team. This includes the addition of new bibliographic records, including records for eResources and the maintenance of bibliographic records.

Contact: Karen Stone Lead, Metadata Services


Technical support is provided by State Library’s eResource Management team. This includes issues with set-up, access, login, and usage data.


Technology resources

Technical support for technology resources is provided by State Library’s Public Library Programs team. This includes issues with missing and faulty equipment and programming resources.

Contact: Alan Duncan, Public Library Programs

Collection delivery

Support for collection delivery is provided by State Library’s Access Services team at Cannon Hill. This includes the circulation of new books, exchanges and bulk loans, freight enquiries and circulation reports.  This team also despatch satchels, boxes, barcodes and membership cards as required.

Contact: Gaby Asenjo Team Leader, Public Library Collections (07) 3842 9334


Membership support is provided by State Library’s Access Services Team. This includes processing online Tourist Card registrations and maintaining a current database of memberships.  The team also responds to Tourist Card enquires and provides membership reports.


Interlibrary Loans and Document delivery

State Library provides inter-library loans support to Queensland public libraries and IKCs. Information on requesting interlibrary loans:

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