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5.  RLQ system

Information about the Rural Libraries Queensland (RLQ) system provided to participating Queensland public libraries by State Library - part of the Manual for Rural Libraries Queensland (RLQ) libraries.

5.1 Aurora

The Library Management system used by RLQ libraries is called Aurora, developed by Aurora Information Technology (AIT).  Aurora is a cloud based application that is hosted remotely and used to keep track of the location of books in libraries throughout rural Queensland.

Aurora Cloud Desktop is a windows application – so it’s accessible even if the internet connection is lost. It also self updates so once AIT posts a new software release and the prompt to accept the new version is accepted, your library will always be on the latest official release.

Each item that is catalogued appears in Aurora and has a barcode number on the front of the item.

Barcode Number

This number is used for lending and returning items to and from libraries. There are several sequences of numbers used in RLQ libraries.  Sheets of item barcodes required for magazines and locally acquired items are available upon request from PLC.

5.2 Loan periods

PLC transfers items to your library for varying lengths of time.

Permanent transfer is used for:

  • Core collection
  • Regular exchanges
  • Requested items

Temporary transfer for 1 year (12 months) is used for:

  • Adult and Children’s Literacy
  • LOTE (languages other than English)
  • Audio books

Temporary transfer for 3 months (12 weeks) is used for:

  • Technology Resources
  • Storytelling kits
  • Reserve Collections
  • Book Club Sets
  • Series in a Box
Last updated
22nd November 2018