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Reader Advice

Reader Advice provides Public Library staff with resources to assist clients in the selection of authors, genres and current reading trends.

Author lists

Use these author lists to suggest wider reading choices for your customers. Lists can be printed & given to patrons.

Book club sets

Information about book club sets available and how book clubs can request them from the State Library of Queensland.

Book clubs

Information about adult book club sets, how book clubs can request them through the State Library of Queensland, and other information.

Series in a box

Do your library members want to read all the titles in a series, but find book one so elusive they give up? State Library has created ‘Series in a Box’ just for your library members.

Useful links

Books for Keeps - The children's book magazine.

Childrens authors and illustrators on the web - The websites listed here include authors' personal websites and websites maintained by fans, scholars, and readers.

Christchurch City Libraries - Some great reading suggestions based on books and authors that you may already enjoy.

Fantastic Fiction - Over 20,000 bestselling authors and series.

Genrefluent - For information about Readers' Advice and genre fiction for adults and teens. You will find reviews on novels in a variety of genres including, crime, science fiction, adventure, thrillers, romance, fantasy, horror, paranormal, historical fiction, westerns, and romance.

Literature-Map - The tourist map of literature. Find a writer in the map - the closer two writers are, the more likely someone will like both of them.

Stop, You're Killing Me! - A resource for lovers of mystery, crime, thriller, spy and suspense books.

What Should I Read Next? - Enter a book you like and the site will analyse a huge database of real readers' favourite books to provide book recommendations for what to read next.

Who writes like - Find your favourite author, and see other authors who write in similar styles.

Whichbook - An innovative site that starts with the reader and helps them find books to match their mood and reading preference.

Last updated
2nd February 2017