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Print disabilities

People can be described as having a 'print disability' for many different reasons including:

  • not being able to read standard print because of blindness or vision impairment.
  • having a physical disability which prevents them from holding or turning the pages of a book or printed item eg. multiple sclerosis, a stroke or severe arthritis
  • having a learning or concentration issue that makes it difficult to follow text eg. dyslexia

These conditions can result in significant additional handicaps to a print handicap. Because they vary so greatly, it is only possible to make general suggestions for services that you can adjust, depending on your clients needs.

People with Disabilities - Australia’s copyright legislation allows the conversion of copyright content, such as books, into accessible formats for people with print disabilities, without infringing the copyright owners’ rights.

Increasing Accessibility Library Initiative

In 2010-11 the Australian Government, through the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA), provided $1 million for the purchase of playback devices for public libraries around the country in an initiative called: Increasing Accessibility Library Initiative.

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) has been selected to deliver the Library Initiative which aims to improve access for people with a print disability to print material in a digital format through public libraries around the country.

The State Library of Queensland was successful in their application to be part of this initiative, on behalf of Country Lending Service and smaller independent libraries throughout Queensland. The State Library has partnered with Vision Australia for the delivery of this service, using the portable Plextor Daisy Reader device.

Training resources

Plextor Getting Started Guide

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Plextor PTX1 Advanced Training

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26th April 2018