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Kits for loan

State Library of Queensland makes digital literacy resource kits available for loan to support literacy and learning in your community. Resource kits ensure that all communities have access to new and emerging technologies which nurture community connectedness, encourage collaborative partnerships that reach beyond walls and into community, and help libraries to be open and responsive to new ideas and agile in adopting new practices.

Statewide Kits


These kits are available for loan to any library within the Regional Libraries Queensland and Indigenous Knowledge Centres network. All RLQ/IKC kits are listed on the catalogue and can be reserved on the desktop version of the Aurora library management system,  as per any other collection item. Simply do a title search on the kit title as it appears below, and place your reservation as normal. (Availability is subject to existing reservations, loans and associated return dates.)

The kits are for use by patrons within the library only, as part of supervised library programming. They will not be listed in the public online catalogue for personal reservation.

Please contact, or phone State Library on 1800 017 114 with any queries.

New in November 2019

Cubelets Kit

Cubelets are a block based platform to enable the building and coding of robotic creations. Each block type has its own dedicated function, such as Think, Act, Sense. Put them altogether, and the Sky is the limit! Cubelets can be used independently or controlled via a Bluetooth device.

Video: Cubelets Robot Blocks | Getting Started Guide

Video Length: 05:25

Lego We do 2.0

Lego Wedo 2.0 is a classroom and library friendly STEM platform, combining the classic adaptability of Lego, with a discovery-based approach to learning. Each kit supports 2 students in their journey towards a greater grasp of engineering principles and computational thinking. Used in conjunction with the desktop and tablet supported software provides access to the WeDo 2.0 Curriculum Pack, covering disciplines including life, physical, earth and space sciences, and engineering.

Video: Introducing LEGO Education WeDo 2.0

Video Length: 02:27

Littlebits Space Kit

Take the innovative electronic building blocks of the Littlebits platform, combine them with some basic craft skills and throw in the experience and knowledge of NASA engineers, and what do you get? The Littlebits Space Kit! Designed with the goal of making space education more accessible, the kit utilises 12 of the core Littlebits open source electronics modules, to enable the creation of at least 10 space related projects, with real world outcomes. Augment the electronics with your own custom built crafty accessories to build such devices as a satellite dish, a sound transmitter, an energy meter and a Mars Rover.

Video: Data Communication (with the littleBits Space Kit)

Video length: 01:06

Merge VR Kit

A VR headset and a simple cube, bring hundreds of educational experiences to life in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Hold the world in your hand or examine ancient artefacts up close using the Merge VR headset with a compatible phone for instant VR. For awesome AR, point a tablet or phone (in the Merge headset for maximum effect) at the Merge Cube to bring to life educational apps available from

Video: YouTube Reviews of the Merge AR/VR Goggles

Video Length: 02:18


Osmo for iPad opens up a whole world of creative learning for people of all ages. Combining real world objects with technology, experiences range from sparking your inner artist, to tuition in maths and spelling, all brought to life on screen in a dynamic interactive experience.

Video: Introducing Osmo Creative Set featuring Monster

Video Length: 02:06

Photon robot kit

Photon is an educational robot, developed in conjunction with psychologists, who can accompany kids on their coding journey. The littlest coders can work through the story narrative in the 10 chapter role playing app, to help Photon regain his skills, after crash landing on Earth in his space ship! Slightly older programmers can dive straight in with the Photon Coding app, and bring Photon to life with block coding, or via 3 other graphical programming methods.

Video: Meet Photon - The world's first robot that grows with your child!

Video Length: 02:14

Sam’s Alpha Kit

Sam’s labs kits are extremely versatile kits, with a good range of lesson plans and resources to support great learning outcomes. Using a combination of hardware and software blocks, inventors can build a real-world creation, connect the blocks to Sam’s app and bring it to life! Blocks have different input and output functions such as sliders, buttons and motors, which can be connected to over 40 software blocks in the Sam Space app.

Video: What is SAM Labs?

Video Length: 01:35

Sphero Specdrums Kit

Make music with colour, with Sphero Specdrums. Take just 2 small finger-ring sensors, and either use the colour keyboard which comes with them, or any coloured object around you, to make music anywhere, anytime. The colour-palette of the world around you is your potential musical instrument!

Video: Specdrums by Sphero

Video Length: 01:38

Code-a-pillar Kit

The robotic caterpillar which teaches coding! Contents: 1 complete code-a-pillar per kit.

Codeybot Kit

The Codeybot Kit consists of 2 Codeybots, a wedge-shaped codeable robot from STEM innovators, Makeblock. Codeybot can be customised to give it 'personality' and can teach basic code through block-based programming. The kit also includes two LED Laser Turrets, which can instantly convert Codeybot into a battle-ready bot.

Meet Edison Kit

An Australian designed robot which is Lego compatible, the Edison can be converted into myriad types of machines with the EdCreate extension packs, Lego blocks, or whatever you might have lying around! Edison can be coded via its own block-based coding language, Edblocks, or via Barcodes, and can be driven with any infra-red remote control unit. It can also be used on its own without any external device at all.


The EZ-Robot loan kit comprises 2 robots: 1 x Revolution JD Humanoid robot and 1 x Revolution Six Hexapod robot. Comprised of EZ-Bits, EZ-Robots are DIY assembly robots, with high level coding and control options available via PC or tablet, bringing sophisticated robotics to users of all abilities.

Gadget kit

The Gadget kit consists of portable items currently available commercially in Australia. Each item introduces the user to new technology interfaces, and can be used with minimal set-up and instruction by the user.

Google Expeditions Kit

Bring the world to life in VR with this kit of 10 VR headsets, complete with VR optimised phones, tutor tablet and router.

iHealth kit

The iHealth kit is a health kit with a suite of four health devices that provide information about your health to the iHealth app on a mobile device. The kit contains:

Kano make your own laptop : Complete Computer Kit

Kano kits let you build your own mini-computer from scratch.
The kit contains 5 individual Kano make your own laptop : complete computer kits.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Kit

The Ultimate Lego robotics experience. Contents: 4 x Lego EV3 starter pack.

littleBits Droid inventor kit

Little Bits Droid Inventor Kits combines the innovation and learning potential of the Little Bits platform, with the magic of Star Wars. Each kit contains 4 Little Bits Droid Inventor Kits.

Makeblock kit

The Makeblock kit consists of multiple build-it-yourself robots that can be assembled myriad ways.  Beginner users can build their own robot by simply assembling 40 specially designed parts with step-by-step instructions. mBot is an entry-level robot that allows users to explore coding with drag-and-drop programming blocks. mBot can be connected to a tablet or computer for use; no devices for interacting with mBot are included with this kit.

Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit

The Neuron Inventor Kit offers the chance to build a range of electronic projects teaching concepts of power switching, motion, conductivity, interfacing with an app for coding. Kit contains 5 Neuron kits.

Maker kit

The Maker kit consists of portable items commonly used in makerspaces. Each item introduces the user to basic maker or fabrication technology, and can be used with minimal set-up and instruction by the user.

Ozobot kits

Ozobot 1.0

Ozobot 1.0 can follow lines and colour on paper and on digital devices. You can program it to move, play and dance using colour codes. Ozobot 1.0 is compatible with OzoDraw and OzoGroove apps. Ozobot 1.0 does not use OzoBlockly programming. Suitable for both young and old, but designed to teach coding, robotic behaviour and deductive reasoning to school age children.

Ozobot 2.0

Ozobot Bit 2.0 can follow lines and colour on paper and on select iOS and Android devices. You can program it to move, play and dance using colour codes. Ozobot Bit 2.0 is compatible with OzoDraw and OzoGroove apps, as well as with OzoBlockly programming app. Suitable for both young and old, but designed to teach coding, block-based programming language, robotic behaviour and deductive reasoning to school age children.

Each kit contains 4 Ozobots. Learn more about the Ozobot, including how to use it, ideas for being creative and how to use OzoBlockly.

Sphero kit

The Sphero kit contains eight Sphero SPRK+ robots designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and invention through connected play and coding. These spherical robots are extremely tough and can be driven over almost any surface - even underwater! Using the Sphero and Sphero Edu apps you can easily learn blockly programming and explore a broad range of STEAM activities. Sphero must be connected to a mobile device or tablet for use; no devices for controlling Sphero are included with this kit.

Skoog kit

The Skoog music kit contains two Skoog 2.0 tactile music interfaces - they're squashy foam cubes that act as wireless controllers for the Skoogmusic apps. Whatever your skills, abilities or musical talents, Skoog’s universal design enables fun, accessible, expressive music-making for children, parents, musicians and all community members, including those with disabilities. Skoog must be connected to a tablet or computer for use; no devices for interacting with Skoog are included with this kit.

Statewide kits

These kits are available for loan to any Queensland public library or Indigenous Knowledge Centre. To request a loan of these resources, please contact, or phone State Library on 1800 017 114.

DJI Spark drones

The Spark is a mini drone, with maxi features! Designed with creativity in mind, shoot high-def video, with the in-built gimbal mount camera, and take control with easy to use intelligent flight options. Viewing the output straight via your phone puts you straight in he cockpit for a video gathering mission, which will let your creativity take flight. Kit contains 5 drones.

HTC Vive

Bring a multitude of Virtual reality environments to life with the HTC Vive, the ultimate VR experience. Contents: Complete Vive package and gaming laptop.

360 Camera Kits

Shoot your world in 360, in the form of spherical still photos or live action video. Kits available feature either the Nikon Keymission 360 or Samsung Gear 360 cameras, and accessories. Contents: 5 cameras per kit, plus accessories.

Digital fact sheets

A number of the items available in the kits for loan are featured on the Digital fact sheets page. Visit the Digital fact sheets page to find specifications, tips for getting started, helpful links and more.

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5th November 2019