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Sphero SPRK Edition

Sphero SPRK is a spherical robot that can be used with a range of apps (more than 30 available) on devices including tablets and smartphones. SPRK stands for schools, parents, robots, kids. The robot shell is water proof and is made of tough, transparent polycarbonate, allowing students to see the relationship between their commands and the electric motor and LEDs inside. Sphero can reach speeds of more than two metres per second, making programming and learning robotics fun and dynamic.

Combine simple commands like roll, flip, spin, and colour changes to create more complex sequences of instructions for your robot to follow. Save your own programs and revisit them any time you want.

How do I use a Sphero?

The Sphero SPRK is a fun way to introduce people to coding and robotics. Beginners can control the robot in real-time using the Sphero app like a remote control or by tracing a path on the app with your finger (using Draw and Drive). Intermediate users can try block-based programming (via the Sphero Edu app). More advanced coders can write their own Javascript programs directly in Sphero Edu.

What is Sphero SPRK Edition?

Video length: 2 minutes

Sphero SPRK Edition unboxing and programming

Video length: 8 minutes

This video demonstrates how easy it is to use Sphero SPRK Edition.

For more on learning with Sphero SPRK, visit the website.

For activity ideas, visit the Sphero Community activity boards in Sphero Edu.

For an extensive range of video tutorials, visit the Sphero Edu Youtube channel.

Be creative in your library

You can program the robot to navigate mazes, create works of art with finger paints (the robot is water proof), change colours and drive over bridges and up ramps. You can adapt this Sphero Activity Planner for use in your library.

Activities to get you started. (These activities include video tutorials on the use of Sphero Edu)

Block based coding
Blocks 1: Intro & Loops
Blocks 2: If/then, Else
Blocks 3: Lights

Coding with Draw
Draw 1: Shapes
Draw 2: Spelling
Draw 3: Perimeter

Text Coding (Javascript)
Text 1: Hello World!

Make a movie starring your Spheros - with Green Screen technology

Green Screen movie making with Sphero - activity planner

Western Downs Libraries has conducted one hour Sphero SPRK programming workshops for their community. View their workshop plan  (PDF 24.4 KB).

You can adapt this Activity Planner template  (DOCX 72.6 KB) for use in your library. To share your workshop ideas or other creative library activities you develop, contact us at

How can I get a Sphero?

Current suppliers in Queensland include Education Technology Specialists.

Last updated
8th February 2019