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Skoog is a musical instrument that anyone can play. It’s a music accessory for iPad, PC and Mac that opens up a world of ‘musicplay’ to everyone.  Whatever your skills, abilities or musical talents, Skoog’s design enables accessible, expressive music-making for children, parents, teachers, musicians and families, including those with disabilities.

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How does Skoog work?

Skoog is designed to get you ‘hands-on’ with musical sounds. It’s like a games controller for making music – it’s a squashy foam cube that acts as a wireless controller for the app running on your iPad or computer. Simply touch to play.

Become a rock star with Skoog: the musical instrument for everyone!

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Skoog and inclusion

Skoog is an instrument that is truly inclusive. For many people with disabilities one of the greatest barriers to making music is the dexterity required to play a more traditional musical instrument. Skoog removes that barrier.

As well as being physically accessible, Skoog’s simple design combined with the software features enables those with learning difficulties to make and play music with peers without the need to learn traditional music theory. The ability to create and control musical sounds is also beneficial for a range of therapies and multi-sensory learning.

For more information, visit the Skoogmusic website or view additional videos on their official YouTube channel

Be creative in your library

You can visit the education section of the Skoogmusic website to learn how Skoog is being used in special education around the world.

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How can I get the Skoog kit?

State Library of Queensland has a Skoog kit available for loan.  To request a kit, contact State Library of Queensland on 1800 017 114, or email

The Skoog music kit contains two Skoog 2.0 tactile music interfaces - they're squashy foam cubes that act as wireless controllers for the Skoogmusic apps. Skoog must be connected to a tablet or computer for use; no devices (iPad, etc) for interacting with Skoog are included with this kit.

Last updated
4th November 2019