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Pro-BotPro bot

Pro-Bot is the grown up version of the Bee-Bot and can be programmed using robotic controls on the car or through Logo programming. This race car designed bot allows students to enter commands via a set of arrow and number keys mounted on the back. Plan a route for the Pro-Bot and press the corresponding keypad controls then press GO. The Pro-Bot also allows repeat loops and has bumper and light sensors to take programming to the next level.

How do I use a Pro-Bot?

You will need:

* At least one charged Pro-Bot (uses 3 x AA batteries)
* Floor space for the robot and children to move around.
* Suitable pen and paper for the pro-bot to draw.

You can challenge children to draw shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles.

To get started and see the Pro-Bot in action, watch this Pro-Bot activity video (79 seconds).

More “How to” videos can be found on YouTube.

Be creative in your library

With Pro-Bots, white paper is your canvas and there is no limit to what you can imagine and create. Set beginner tasks of programming the Pro-Bot to draw basic shapes individually, then children can combine the shapes to create objects such as a butterfly or cat. Creating such objects will require the children to develop creativity and spatial awareness when planning the movements of the Pro-Bot.

Useful resources to spark your creativity include:

* Pro-Bot Info Guide (PDF 317 KB | DOCX 120 KB ) that provides a short description and draw a butterfly activity
* Dream Factory Fact Sheet developed by Department of Education and Training
* Pro-Bot Activity Planner (PDF 559 KB | DOCX 104 KB ) with a one hour workshop plan for 7-16 year olds.

Pro bot butterfly

You can adapt this Activity Planner template for use in your library. To share your workshop ideas or other creative library activities you develop, contact us at

How can I get a Pro-Bot?

Current suppliers in Queensland include Education Technology Specialists. Prices may change but are currently $218.90 including GST, plus shipping.

Last updated
1st May 2018