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Makeblock is a highly customisable robotics platform, combining learning of the more conceptual side of app-based programming with hands-on use of ‘real’ electronics.

Utilising manual dexterity in its ‘Meccano-like’ DIY construction, the Makeblock range includes 500 individual highly modular metal parts. Used in conjunction with the unique Makeblock range of coloured coded electronics modules, these are screwed together to form creations from the base model kit robots ‘mBot’ and ‘Ranger’, right up to electronic guitars, drones, 3D printers, drawing machines and many forms of interactive robot.

The various electronic modules, including LED displays, blu-tooth modules, temperature and sound and motion sensors, are easily wired to a circuit board, resulting in a fully codeable robot, controlled straight from your tablet or phone.


What is mBot | mBot video tutorials | Resources | How can i get a Makeblock kit?

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mBot is the foundation robot from Makeblock. It is an adaptable solution to enjoy hands-on programming, electronics, and robotics. The mBot kit comes with basic pre-assembled options, including an obstacle-avoidance car, a line-following vehicle and a remote control car that can be used in multiple games.

Makeblock have developed simple drag-and-drop ‘blockly’ graphical programming software which is based on Scratch 2.0. This provides an accessible way to learn programming, to control and to realize the many functions of the robot.

The mechanical body of the mBot is compatible with most LEGO® parts, while the central processor is based on the Arduino open source ecosystem.

mBot video tutorials- to get you started

There are many other mBot tutorial videos. Search “Explore mBot Tutorial” on Youtube.


How can I get a Makeblock kit?

State Library of Queensland has a Makeblock kit available for loan, comprising 1 X mBot and 1 X mBot Ranger by public libraries in the Regional Libraries Queensland (RLQ) network. To request a kit, contact State Library of Queensland on 1800 017 114,or email

Last updated
4th November 2019