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First 5 Forever resources

All First 5 Forever resources are available using the First 5 Forever Dropbox. Dropbox is an online content storage tool that allows documents and files to be shared. You don’t need to have a Dropbox account to use this service. It is as easy as clicking on the links below and downloading the files you need to your local drive from the Dropbox website.

The First 5 Forever Dropbox is organised into five folders to support your library in planning, developing, promoting and sharing the local delivery of First 5 Forever.

  • Guidelines, newsletters and procedures The guidelines are to be used in combination with your council's signed letter of agreement, and procedures are included to support public library staff to deliver strategies that suit local communities plus First 5 Forever monthly newsletters are included in case you miss an issue.
  • Branding, marketing, media, signage and merchandise Includes all First 5 Forever branding including stars and frogs, media releases, videos, available photos for use, plus all print files for posters, bags, shirts, handouts, posters, signs and flyers. Please refer to the style guide to indicate how the First 5 Forever device should be used.
  • Webinars, workshops, presentations and learning resources Includes all First 5 Forever webinar recordings for downloading and all resources used in First 5 Forever webinars workshops and forums including plans, tip sheets, suggested links and presentations.
  • Public library contacts Updated regularly so that you can contact colleagues delivering First 5 Forever directly all around Queensland.
  • Reporting templates Templates are made available each year for councils to download, complete with data, and submit to State Library at the end of each year.

Access the First 5 Forever Dropbox

Guidelines for use

All First 5 Forever devices, graphics and templates are freely accessible to create your own promotional materials and resources for your First 5 Forever activities.

We ask as part of the Service Level Agreement you include the following elements in all your materials:

  • First 5 Forever device
  • Funding acknowledgement (word or logo or both)
  • A tagline
  • The First 5 Forever website URL -

Correct applications of the above elements can all be found in the Dropbox.

How do I meet my First 5 Forever branding requirements?

Depending on the type of promotional item you are producing, different acknowledgment options are appropriate. Below are examples of what elements can be used for different activities.

  • Signage in library – device, logo acknowledgment, tagline, URL
  • Signage at promotional events – device, logo acknowledgment, tagline, URL
  • Websites – device, word acknowledgment, tagline, link to First 5 Forever website
  • Media releases – word acknowledgment, URL
  • Speeches – word acknowledgment
  • Promotional videos – device, logo acknowledgment, URL, tagline in closing slide
  • Television, radio and newspaper advertisements – device, logo acknowledgment
  • Newsletters – word acknowledgment, tagline, URL
  • Print and electronic promotional materials such as brochures, posters, programs and invitations – device, logo and word acknowledgment, URL, tagline (on front page for multiple page publications).
  • Merchandise items – device, URL (if format allows)
  • Social media post – URL, hashtag (#first5forever) (if the post is directing to a local event or activity, your local website URL can be used instead)

For any questions or if you need assistance in using the First 5 Forever Dropbox files please contact the First 5 Forever team on or phone (07) 3840 7807.

Last updated
23rd April 2018