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First 5 Forever

About the First 5 Forever initiative

First 5 Forever is a family literacy initiative delivered by public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs) across Queensland which aims to provide strong early literacy foundations for all Queensland children aged 0-5 years.

First 5 Forever connects families to the information, resources and support they need to build the best foundation for their child’s future language and literacy development.

Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement for the First 5 Forever initiative is valid for the period 1 January 2019 to 30 June 2021.  There is a Frequently Asked Questions guide to accompany the new agreement that outlines recent changes to the initiative.

Annual funding for councils

Funding to support the local delivery of First 5 Forever programs is provided annually to all eligible Queensland councils that operate a public library or IKC. This annual funding can only be used on items and services that support the delivery of early literacy strategies for families and carers in ways that can be continued in a home environment.  There are also Guidelines available for download with additional information to assist councils to plan and deliver First 5 Forever programs in their communities.

Additional funding has also been made available through the annual First 5 Forever Project Grant.  Councils can apply for a First 5 Forever Project Grant to develop and implement local projects

Project ideas might include:

  • Creating a pilot program of new sessions specifically for babies aged 0-12 months to connect with new parents.
  • Developing a kit of resources to enhance families to stay before or after sessions to interact with resources, staff and other participants.
  • Instigating a junior library card promotion to boost memberships and promote library benefits for children aged 0-5.
  • Designing a mobile play space with early literacy elements incorporated or a pop up library to create a presence at events and networking opportunities.
  • Formalising in house professional development for all new staff with early literacy strategies and links to library programs.

For more information on applying for grants please visit the New Grants webpage.

For more information about other specific aspects of First 5 Forever please contact:

Service Level Agreements
Local Government Coordination
07 3842 9049

Branding, marketing and communications
Alex Tuite
07 3840 7824

Resources and Engagement
Michelle Swales
07 3840 7807

Connecting with the First 5 Forever initiative

Please connect your families to First 5 Forever through:

To connect with the statewide council network delivering First 5 Forever:

First 5 Forever resources

The First 5 Forever initiatives's templates, graphics, video and promotional materials are available for use through the dedicated First 5 Forever Dropbox.


Evaluation reports of the First 5 Forever family literacy program aimed at creating stronger language and literacy environments for Queensland children before they start kindergarten and school.

For more information:

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20th January 2020