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Ideas, programs and activities to activate your library space or showcase your library as the dynamic place are shared here. These activities, programs and guides have been developed for a variety of age levels, interest areas and target groups. Stimulate your thinking by checking out the activities, change them to suit your needs, experiment and have fun! Read on for a range of resources for planning, creating, promoting, and hosting activities and events in your library.

Book Fair Game  (PDF 472.9 KB)  (DOCX 404.0 KB) - Participants will explore a collection of books and playfully create marketing & display materials/plans for this collection.

Comic Book Dice  (PDF 127.4 KB)  (DOCX 66.7 KB) - Participants will create collaborative three-dimensional comics.

Fun Faces Lab  (PDF 704.4 KB)  (DOCX 580.6 KB) - Fun Face Lab was born from the desire to create an experience that would successfully engage library users with heritage collections.

A guide to creating your own Food Tales event in your library  (PDF 406.7 KB) - Food Tales is designed to promote community engagement with reading and writing through the narratives surrounding food.

Presenterless Workshop  (PDF 160.0 KB)  (DOCX 128.3 KB) - Participants will take part in an open-ended discussion about libraries’ mission.

Scrub Turkey Activity  (PDF 222.4 KB)  (DOCX 160.9 KB) - Participants will learn about the life cycle of the scrub turkey and learn about game development.

Worst Song Activity  (PDF 151.3 KB)  (DOCX 81.7 KB) - Participants will explore creative responses to music and take part in a creative non-fiction writing activity.

Share your library's activities

For more activities and program ideas, read Public Libraries Connect Blog. Submit your own activities and ideas via the Public Libraries Connect online submission form. You can adapt this Activity Planner Template  (DOCX 72.6 KB) for sharing or use in your library.

Last updated
5th June 2017