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Technology Trendsetters 2015 Grants announced

Technology Trendsetters 2015 grant recipients announced

Grants totalling more than $228,000 have been awarded to 15 councils under the Online Public Access in Libraries (OPAL) 2015 Grants Program – Technology Trendsetters.

Due to the high quality of projects proposed, State Library secured the extra $28,000 required to fund all applications.

It was important for State Library to support these 15 councils and reward them for their ability to envision a new way of utilising technologies in their libraries, whilst also providing services of great benefit to their communities.

A wide array of exciting creative projects will be undertaken across Queensland using grant funds, including introducing cutting-edge robotics technology, robotics and coding sessions for children, implementation of modern scanning facilities, use of geographic information systems, and online 'lending' of Adobe Digital Cloud software licenses.

Projects are set to commence by 30 June 2015. For details of the successful applications visit OPAL Program.

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1st January 2018