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Professional development

State Library of Queensland (State Library) supports the professional learning and development of Queensland’s public library and Indigenous Knowledge Centre (IKC) workforce in line with Realising our potential: A vision for Queensland public libraries (the Vision). The Vision guides the progress of public libraries and IKCs in their journeys toward becoming fully realised 21st century libraries through four objectives, including the objective to develop a “Future Focused Workforce”.

State Library supports and enables responsive and diverse services shaped and inspired by skilled staff that strive to innovate through a range of opportunities. This includes face-to-face and online discussion lists and groups, inductions, workshops and forums, and other short courses and programs designed to ensure library leaders and workforces are skilled and future focused. This responsibility is shared with professional associations for the library and information sector, tertiary learning institutions and the Local Government Association of Queensland. Public library and IKC staff must also take an active role to identify their own professional learning needs and suitable programs, negotiate organisational support and take part in learning activities to grow their skills.

State Library’s professional development (PD) program includes a core suite of training developed to build the capability of the public library and IKC workforce to deliver quality, relevant library and library-related services. This training is captured on video where possible, and outlined further below. Other PD priorities are identified as the need arises, and in consultation with libraries and IKCs where possible. Visit the Training Calendar for a schedule of upcoming learning opportunities, or email Local Government Coordination to find out more about, or provide feedback on, professional development opportunities.

Ongoing professional development

  • First 5 Forever workshops, webinars and the professional networking group support libraries and IKCs to plan, develop, promote and share the local delivery of this family literacy program
  • Family History workshops provide assistance in discovering family history collections and resources
  • Conservation clinics provide expert advice from conservation professionals, including techniques for caring for historical items and original materials
  • IKC Coordinator workshops are held bi-annually and provide networking opportunities and explore ideas about providing vibrant IKC services to communities
  • Small Libraries workshops provide networking opportunities and explore ideas about providing vibrant small library services to communities.

Training Calendar

Schedule of upcoming learning opportunities and professional development for public library and Indigenous Knowledge Centre (IKC) staff.


Professional development resources that may be of use to public library staff

Last updated
4th October 2018