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User guide for the Creative Spaces Impact Framework

The user guide for the Creative Spaces Impact Framework assists library staff to demonstrate the value of libraries as creative spaces. Using the framework can provide powerful results for advocating the value of public libraries and the impact of libraries within communities.

The User Guide is presented in a brief and readily accessible format for everyday use. The evidence base for this work is detailed in the full report  and users should consult this if they wish to understand the underpinnings of the framework in any further detail.

You can use the framework to evaluate activities already existing in your library, or to plan activities that will target specific community needs. The framework gives you structure for planning programs but also for monitoring and evaluating the results of those programs. Access the templates from the user guide and report in Excel format:

Cycle of framework

Figure 1. This cycle illustrates each of the areas in which the framework can provide support and a cycle for strategic planning and evaluation.

The User Guide explains in more detail the ways the framework can be used with case study examples.


For information or support in using the framework, contact the Regional Partnerships team.

Last updated
24th January 2018