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Past Grants

OPAL Program

The Online Public Access in Libraries (OPAL) Program provided annual funding towards a program of work to support online access to information and resources for Queenslanders in or through public libraries. Through the OPAL Program, State Library worked with public libraries to accelerate the transition to digital modes of delivery to make content, services and programs accessible to everyone. This included addressing barriers to access including digital literacy skills.

The intended outcomes of projects delivered through the OPAL Program was enhanced connectivity and access to information, expanded Queensland-specific content, and increased digital literacies for Queenslanders.

Past grant rounds

Tech Savvy Regional Queensland Grant 2018-19: Grants awarded to 15 councils  (PDF 92.8 KB)

Public Library Strategic Priorities Grant 2018: Grants awarded to 18 councils  (PDF 284.8 KB)

Public Library Strategic Priorities Grant 2017: Grants awarded to 15 councils  (PDF 394.9 KB)

Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland 2017: for more information on the program visit the Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland page

VISION 2017 Program

The VISION 2017 Program provided annual funding towards a program of work to support the realization of projects that reflecting all of the themes outlined in The Next Horizon: Vision 2017 for Public Libraries.

Grants made available through this program were designed to position public libraries as places for creative collaboration and learning where ideas can be imagined and new skills acquired through innovative library programs and collections. A wide array of creative projects were delivered across Queensland using grant funds, including a steampunk festival for young people, workshops and spaces to encourage small business start-ups, and sensory and new technology play experiences for all ages and abilities.

Past grant rounds

Coding and Robotics Grants 2016: Grants awarded to 33 councils  (PDF 380.8 KB)

Incubators of Ideas, Learning and Innovation Grant 2015: Grants awarded to 11 councils  (DOC 63.5 KB)

Creative Community Spaces Grant 2013: Grants awarded to 13 councils  (DOC 62.5 KB)

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7th January 2019