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IKC Collection Refreshment request form

Total refresh will be 150-200 items (200 maximum).
Please let us know the quantity you would like to request for each collection.

Adult fiction wish list - Please send 50 books, include outback romance, suspense, mystery
Adult fiction - Do not send westerns or supernatural.

Contact details
Please choose from the list
Tell us what you want & what you don't want. Example - Please send Mills & Boon, Romance, Westerns.
Example: Do not send violent thrillers
Tell us what topics you want & what you don't want. Example - Please send fish cooking, boxing, self-help.
Example: Do not send knitting, exercise or business
Tell us any series you want like Aussie bites or a hot topic like horse stories
Tell us your hot topic like dinosaurs, magic, animals
Tell us id you want DVDs for adults as well as kids and topics like: Please send exercise, TV shows
Example: Do not send war docos
Give examples of the type of music required: Classical, rock, pop
Example - Do not send heavy metal
Tell us what types of audio books you want. Example: Please send romance, biographies
Example: Romance, adventure
Example: war stories


Last updated
3rd April 2017